Обслуживание мостов

Maintenance and inspection

Maintenance is broken into two categories:

  • Routine maintenance– basic vegetation clearance is carried out one month before the inspection of the structure so a detailed inspection can be completed by our engineer.
  • General maintenance– maintenance needs are identified as part of the detailed inspection to ensure the structure remains ‘safe for use’ and ‘fit for purpose’.


  • We inspect our bridges approximately every two years.
  • We investigate damage through vehicle collision, storms or other causes as soon as possible.
  • Public safety is maintained on weak bridges through temporary weight restrictions or other measures.
  • We prioritise principal road bridges when we carry out bridge strengthening work.
  • We may decide to permanently restrict the weight limit on substandard bridges on non-principal roads rather than strengthen them.
  • We consider each bridge on its merits before deciding what we will do, taking into account safety, economic and environmental factors.