23 Unexpected Ways To Transform An Unused Closet

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If not, you can hire a carpenter to install custom shelves and a built-in desk with drawers to hold all your files and supplies. My quick office closet project helped me finally look professional on video calls. Plus, I love that I have a dedicated space to work and can shut the door when I’m done. I went super minimal with my project, but you can go as crazy as you want with custom buildouts and decor. Are you ready to take the plunge and convert your closet to an office?

transform closet into office

Feel free to buy a desk with built-in drawers or make your own. Then get drawer slides and attach your DIY drawers to the desktop. Attach them to the ceiling of the closet https://remotemode.net/ or if there are shelves above the desk, stick the puck lights under it. These are bright lights and buying a couple of them should considerably cheer up the space.

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This type of closet works well as an office if you take the doors off or utilize curtains across the doorframe. The ideas we shared around shelving and storage options will be particularly crucial for a closet this size. This tiny closet office, highlighted on Apartment Therapy’s website, shows how much you can fit into a small space.

transform closet into office

And if, like Allard, you plan to use the space as your everyday makeup station, make sure you’ve thought of a way to get good lighting into the closet. In Allard’s home, this small closet is actually within a bigger closet designed by California Closets’ Kate Kim. “Kate really loved my idea of turning the small closet into a vanity space and brought it to life by adding the desk and overhead shelving,” she explains.

Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Now that you’ve put in the work to turn a closet into an office, you’ll want to work there all the time (at least, we hope!). For those times when you need to host video calls from your closet office, use the tips below. Traditional office chairs with wheels often take up too much space for a home office closet. With bulky castors and armrests, they’ll quickly become frustrating.

  • Are you ready to take the plunge and convert your closet to an office?
  • “I would have to say that it’s much easier to do than it looks,” she says.
  • Make sure to measure your under-desk space carefully before ordering any type of cabinet that must fit there.
  • If you’re a photo junkie, create your own picture library with labeled boxes and rows of photo albums.

If your closet didn’t come with built-in wooden shelves, drawers, and cabinets, start looking online for large closet organization systems. Use baskets to organize sweaters and intimates on your shelves and take advantage of every method available to keep your clothes and shoes organized and out of sight. Then you will be free to use the rest of the space to design your office getaway. If you don’t have an electrical outlet in the closet (and you don’t want to hire an electrician to add one), invest in a good power cord. Make sure the power strip has enough outlets for your computer power cord, your laptop charger, and any and all lights you’re planning to add.

Create a Custom Desk: Step 4

If you find yourself with a spare or unused closet, why not convert it into a serviceable office space? As trendy as it is functional, the built-in closet office can be undertaken in a number of ways, no matter the size or style of the closet. Check to see what surroundings are visible from your spot in your office closet. You may want to buy a backdrop to block your clothes rack or your bedroom from view.

transform closet into office

To store extra volumes while still keeping them on display, place books on the top shelf of the closet. If you’re a real bookworm, add a few more shelves and turn the space into a mini library. Secure a pegboard to the inside of the closet door to organize your tools and materials. https://remotemode.net/blog/tips-for-converting-your-closet-to-a-cozy-office/ For a DIY desk, lay a piece of pre-cut wood (which you can pick up from most hardware stores) across two filing cabinets. If your apartment lacks wall space, use the closet as an expressive extension. Toss in some pillows, line shelves with books, and create soft lighting.

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