Bridge maintenance

Maintenance and inspection

Maintenance is broken into two categories:

  • Routine maintenance– basic vegetation clearance is carried out one month before the inspection of the structure so a detailed inspection can be completed by our engineer.
  • General maintenance– maintenance needs are identified as part of the detailed inspection to ensure the structure remains ‘safe for use’ and ‘fit for purpose’.

Bridge Repair

Bridges are arguably the most symbolic of man-made structures. Unique in their balance between structural and aesthetic concerns, they offer a physical representation of unity and optimism. It is no coincidence that the dawn of this millennium has been marked all over the world by the building of bridges as the world has stepped into new era. During this period, construction of monumental road or rail bridges has given way to a focus on the more intimate footbridge, reflecting the mounting concern for sustainability and the encouragement of healthier lifestyles.

Expansion Joints

Bridge expansion joints are designed to allow for continuous traffic between structures while accommodating movement, shrinkage, and temperature variations on concrete and steel structures. They stop the bridge from bending out of place in extreme conditions, and also allow enough vertical and horizontal movement to permit bearing replacement without the need to dismantle the bridge expansion joint.

Structural Waterproofing


The types and physical and mechanical properties of the soils, which are designated for arranging of earth embankments and backfilling, shall be specified in the design as well as some special requirements to them and required compactness (compactness of dry soil or coefficient of compactness), borders of the parts of embankments, arranged from soils with different physical and mechanical properties.


These solutions are now complemented by erosion protection solutions, as well as a wide range of gabions for strengthened earthworks, soil reinforcement and slope stabilisation.